A day at Brighton

A day at Brighton

It was a spur of the moment thing……we had to get out of London and visiting Stonehenge was going to be a 3 hour journey, so we opted for the sunny seaside at Brighton, merely one hour away.We LOVED it! We spent the first 2 hours on the beach which was made entirely from large pebbles. Not a grain of sand in sight, and you know what? I prefer pebbles to sand. You can wriggle your bum down into the pebbles and it is so comfortable, you don’t get dirty and sandy, and they retain the sun’s heat so they warm you up. Brilliant stuff.


Lots of white buildings and deck chairs for hire.The kids really enjoyed finding special pebbles and seaweed, and Ella was in the freezing water before too long (of course) while Jasper sat shivering on our laps trying to get warm. It was about 17 degrees, with patches of sun and lots of wind.


Jasper trying to keep warm.


Peering through a sculpture on a pier.The Brighton Pier was very large and housed a fun park, which we visted when we all got just too cold on the beach. It was very clean and not too expensive (rides from A$4 to A$6) so Jasper went on a jumping castle and Tim and Ella rode the roller coaster. A batch of warm doughnuts followed, much to everyone’s delight. We then strolled back towards the train station and discovered pedestrian mall after pedestrian mall jammed packed with people and cute shops and bars and galleries and theatres. We reckon Brighton would be a fabulous place to live. There were wonderful manicured gardens too, and buskers and just so much life! All the beautiful people were out, laughing and smiling and Tim and I considered finding a B & B for the night and staying an extra day. Then reality struck, Ella’s ear started hurting and we had no painkillers, we were all tired and thought it best to head home.


Hook a Duck game, both kids won cheap shiny teddies that they adore.So overall we were very impressed with Brighton. A bit run down and shabby, not a tree in sight, but very English beachside.


The view along the beach.