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Karina and Tim

Hi, we're Tim & Karina from Australia, via the UK, US and most recently, Greece. We're fun-employed boat bums living aboard our trawler called Matilda. You can read more about Matilda here and see where we are.

Currently, we're residents of Greece, and when we're not on Matilda, you might find us at our apartment in Athens (also available for rent on Airbnb here).

We have two adult children living in Edinburgh and Tokyo. We love travel, adventure, good food, good company and lots of boutique coffee (if you enjoy the blog, feel free to shout us a coffee to say thanks!)

Tim has written a book, "Footloose: Or How to Run Away to Sea" about our journey and adventures on Matilda. You can find out more about it here. If you're GoodReads and would like to verify me as the author, you can email me, me@timbull.com.

Follow us @matildatheboat on Instagram, or message Tim on Facebook to say hi!

History of the blog

Why Insatiably Curious? Besides a good state to be in, this blog is really a more formal expression of the inner five-year-old who always wants to ask, 'but why?'

It's been run in various forms over the last 20+ years, but this current iteration is a record of our journeys and travels aboard Matilda, exploring the coasts and waterways of Europe.

But what about that article on "x" that led me here?

Tim has always blogged about significant life events as a way of both capturing his thoughts and memories and sharing his perspectives with family and friends.

While Karina was giving birth to our daughter (over 21 years ago!), he was busy trying to get the modem to work in the hospital delivery room to update the hand-coded HTML website to announce her arrival. That effort was quickly abandoned to focus on more important things!

Over the years, this blogging activity has had various names, been written on different platforms and focused on a variety of themes. The very earliest effort of tracking Karina's pregnancy has gone lost in the annals of history, but content from many other efforts has survived, spread liberally across the internet. What's never changed has been a sense of curiosity about the world around us and the experiences we've been going through.

You can find links to the older content and various chapters of the blog here.

The content about our life on Matilda has grown and become quite substantial. We enjoy being able to refer back to and share experiences with friends we meet ("Here's what we wrote up about being in Albania"). Unfortunately, it had outgrown the previous platform and was in desperate need of better organisation.

So here we are! We've migrated all the content we can find and collected it together here and spent some time organising it for easier consumption.

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