History & Collections

As described, this is a collection of all the writings on various topics that we've made over the years. If you're interested in diving back deeper, then you can use these links to find specific collections of interest.

  • Baby Web - The one photo we have of the original site for Ella's birth.
  • Living in London - Posts about our time in the UK
  • Rockbeare Grove - Posts about our time in Melbourne, our house and its remodel in Australia
  • Musings on Enterprise Architecture and Web 2.0
  • ROSL (Reflections on startup life) - The weekly series Tim wrote on BinaryPlex / Trunk.ly, his startup with Alex Dong.
  • Resettleus - The blog Karina ran about relocating to Silicon Valley
  • Living in Silicon Valley - Posts about living in the US
  • Rada The Lada - A subset of Matilda posts where we briefly owned a Lada Niva.
  • Matilda - All the posts since we became "funemployed" with the mission of living on a boat.


We don't tag every specific country we visit, but we're there's more than a few posts, this will help you find them, including the ones that are less frequently mentioned and don't always make the menu.