Another war museum....

We visited the National Army Museum on Sunday, primarily because it has a wonderful indoor play centre for free. Most of the museum was deserted except for the play centre which was teeming with kids and parents holding coffee cups.I was amused at the ‘poshness’ of it all. The museum is located in Chelsea (a very rich area) and the Dads were dressed up in trousers and shirts on a Sunday morning! Even some kids wore collared shirts, woollen vests and smart pants! C’mon people…..relax…..Tim and I took turns to look around the museum and were surprised at how ‘pro-war’ this one was. All soldiers were glorified and there were so many displays on the splendour of war. The killing people part of war was not featured at all.We couldn’t take any photos inside, so below is our obligatory “kids go and stand in front of that monument” photo.


Kids on an Army Jeep – a lovely sight?