Aqualisa, the shower controller from hell

Aqualisa, the shower controller from hell

OK, that’s a big claim, but there is not much positive to say about this piece of esoteric engineering. Here is the process for getting the shower on. I swear every step is true, it took me about 10 minutes to sort it out this morning.

  1. Turn both hot and cold bath taps on.  Water runs out of the bath nozzle.
  2. Once water is running, turn the big single tap in the middle to full. Water still runs out of the bath nozzle.
  3. Turn both bath taps OFF completely. That’s right, turn them off.  Water now starts to flow through the shower nozzle.  They have to be completely off, part way just won’t do it.
  4. Adjust the temperature by using the lever behind the big tap in the middle.
  5. Somewhat counter-intuitively, if you want more hot, move the lever away from the red side, if you want cold, move it away from the cold side.

 Couldn’t be easier.