Baby Web comes of age...

Back when internet connections were done by modem and web pages were hand-crafted HTML, before there was really a thing called a blog, we started a web site to record our experiences during pregnancy and leading to Ella’s birth. Since then, I’ve had a bunch of HTML files and images sitting on my hard drive, terrified that I’d lose them and waiting until I got around to putting them somewhere new.Well here they are!A few points to note:

  • This is not a full record of everything that went on the website.  Unfortunately we often updated over the top of existing content and didn’t always manually move it to an archive (or if we did I’ve lost it).
  • I’ve included a screen shot of the way the site originally looked below. Here in this blog I’ve captured the text and photos (in as chronological order as I can) but not the actually look and feel of the early effort.
  • Photo quality is a lot lower than we get now.  Remember when these were on-line, most people were using dial-up from home.

So enjoy, you’ll gradually find these new posts in the Archives (scroll down the side bar till you find them) back in 2000 or click here to start.