We picked up the car early on Saturday and drove straight through to Bexhill to see Eileen and Geoff.  After a cup of coffee and reminiscing about life in Jordan for a while, they offered to show us around Bexhill and Hastings which was much appreciated.Bexhill-On-Sea is a small seaside town, with lots of Edwardian housing and B&Bs.  We stayed at the “Buenos Aires” B&B overnight on Saturday and really enjoyed it — it’s a real English experience and I recommend it, it’s much more personal than a hotel, although you might have to share bathrooms depending on the place.The highlight of Bexhill is the De La Ware pavilion — not much of a high light really, it’s an old building on the sea shore converted to an arts centre. Still it offered a nice view over the sea and the foreshore.


The beach was a real pebble beach and the kids were very excited by this as it was something new, and spent a lot of time fossicking around and throwing pebbles into the sea. As Geoff put it — “Jasper’s busy trying to fill the sea up.”It was also very windy as you can see from Ella’s hair.


After Bexhill we were off to Hastings, but we returned later in the afternoon after an enjoyable day out to have dinner in the local Italian restauraunt then settle into our B&B for the night.


I’ve taken and uploaded about 50 photos into Picassa so I’m putting only a select few here on the blog, if you’re interested in more, click on the photo images to browse Picassa for more images.