Birthday for Big Boy

Happy Birthday to Tim for yesterday. 37yrs old. Where did that 20 years go? I remember when I first got to know Tim, he was living at home with his parents in Adelaide. He was at Uni (moving from a Science degree to starting an Early Childhood Education degree) and was working part time as a Data Entry Clerk. He moved out from home soon after and rented a filthy squat with his old school friend. Of course I realise now that it was a filthy squat…… at the time it was a cool, hip place that represented freedom from parents and a place where you could be silly, muck around, play music and generally talk nonsense with mates. I loved being there.Tim is still so young at heart, and I love that. He was genuinely excited about his birthday present (a Star Wars game for the kids Nintendo DS) with an age rating of 3+. Yes, for 3 year olds plus! He liked his birthday card with the cartoon like Jimmy Hendrix, which came with a sticker that he wanted to put inside his work folder (I had put the sticker in the craft cupboard for the kids). He got cufflinks from me in the shape of electric guitars – he had picked them out a few days earlier and liked them.And he loved his surprise birthday cake with candles that we organised for dessert in the local Japanese restaurant last night. By the way, we like this restaurant as it’s in London, serving Japanese food, and the waiters speak to each other in French!Happy Birthday Tim!