C'arn the cats!

Whoo hoo!We are Geelong, the greatest team of all…It was a fantastic experience today to watch the Grand Final live with several hundred other passionate fans, mostly supporting Geelong.  Port Adelaide fans were surprisingly thin on the ground.  I got up and 3.50AM, had a quick shower then headed off to the Walk-a-bout pub in Wimbledon.I had my Geelong Jumper and Scarf on, keeping me nice and warm in the 9 degree weather and the teeming rain!  Originally I’d planned a bus, but once I got to the main road and saw a cab, I grabbed that instead.  So at 4.20AM I was queuing with a bunch of Aussies and South Africans (flat mates dragged along) outside the pub, waiting for 5AM when the doors opened.Everyone had a ball and it was fantastic to see Geelong win a grand final at long last.  I won’t forget meat pies and beers at 6AM in the morning either in a hurry.  It really was a fun experience and very companionable.On the way home, I caught the tube back from South Wimbledon.  When I hopped off at Tooting Bec, there was a lady standing at the top of the stairs talking on her mobile, she took one look at me and said excitedly “my cousin just won the Norm smith medal”.  I said “You mean Johnno?”. She said, “Yes”.  So I said tell him congratulations and she said into her phone “a random Geelong fan says congratulations”.  It’s a small world!