Cast your vote, but don't use the loo

We voted today (I can’t believe so many friends have reminded us to do so, I thought Aussies were apathetic?). Quite a well organised affair, and a good excuse to visit the Australian High Conmmission building in London. It is a very grand building with chandeliers, velvet curtains, painted landscapes on the walls and a full security team at the door checking bags and swiping bodies with that black metal detector thingy.Voting was easy and efficient, just had to complete a form with our enrolled address, then they gave us the forms and we went to a booth, just like in Australia. It was so nice to hear so many Australian voices while we were there, they just sound friendlier?But there were signs put up everywhere on the marble columns saying that we could not use the toilets. I was pretty annoyed about that, given that it’s so hard finding public loos in the city. Oh well, the usual trip to Macca’s ensued.