Christmas 2008

It’s been a busy holiday period but we have all survived it safe and well.  Both Karina and I started back at work today, so it seemed time to update the blog as well before the season is really over!The kids were both very excited (of course) on Christmas eve and morning.  Santa was very generous, although reasonable I thought, and they received some lovely presents.


Jasper and Ella opening their water pistols from Santa


Jasper excited to see Santa had eaten his banana muffin.


Christmas day in Australia, 25C and lunch outside on the back deck — my Dad, Mum, Ella and Jasper (my uncle Lindsay is there hidden behind Ella).


A traditional christmas pudding, made by Lindsay. It even had real shillings and thrupences in it — ones that have been in the family for a generation or two now (from pre decimal currency that started in 1966)


Another “tradition”. A good snooze in the hammock after lunch.We had a wonderful day and really enjoyed a relaxed pace at home with the family and kids. On Boxing Day it was more of the same before getting ready to head to Adelaide to see my brother Ben and his family.