Day Three: The tree goes, Friday 5th August


The tree was originally scheduled to come down on Thursday, but because of the weather it didn’t happen. Fortunately the tree lopper finished his other job early on Friday and because the weather was great, came around to take advantage of it. That’s Lilly in the foreground, one of Ella’s friends. You can see they have taken all the branches off, and the top of the tree is on the ground in front of Lilly. It made a HUGE dent.


The tree loppers sectioning and removing the tree.


Looking back at the orange tree and Leonards house with the deck and the tree now gone! It’s a big step down from the back door now.


Ella pretending to be a tree.


The tree rings — we counted around 50 years. Leonard was sad to see the tree go, but it was in the way of progress and was far to close to the house!