Did we just go back in time?

You might notice that the archives now stretch back to August 2005.With only 5 weeks to go now until we leave, we’ve been starting to think about how we might use the blog going forward. In fact we’ve enjoyed it so much that we are going to keep updating it as it’s a great way of letting family and friends know what we’ve been doing, especially with our family spread over 3 states and 2 countries. Deciding to continue with it also made us wonder about some of our other blogs and why we don’t just consolidate them here.Our first family web-site (it was pre-blogs but it was a really just a blog) was about Ella’s impending birth (now archived on a disk somewhere), our second one about our house renovation, but it was hosted on a different site in a different location (http://bullrook.blogspot.com – will remain for a little bit but I intend to delete it in a week or two). On top of that, I’ve collected over the years about 6 separate blogs, 3 or 4 hosting sites, 5 or 6 e-mail addresses, 20 plus social presences and so forth, so I’m going through a period of digital consolidation, bringing things together in one place so that we don’t lose them, and deleting the rubbish that we don’t want.At the end of this consolidation, I hope to get back to having 2 blogs, this one for the family and one professionally (http://binaryplex.com), both on the same webhost and I’ll also consolidate a few e-mail and other accounts.It’s a little bit of work (I still have to tackle the photos! The posts all work, but the photos of the renovation are still on the old host), but it’s worth it. These on-line records are a really valuable part of our family history and we’d hate to lose them. We also enjoy sharing them with you all.So enjoy the new archives which are around 40 or so blog posts about our renovation. My favourite post I stumbled across was this one here in which Jasper talks excitedly to his friend Lily about his new room and shows her the insulation that will go in saying proudly “and look… I’m having itchy stuff in my walls.”You’ll probably also begin to see a few other changes as I give this site a more general renovation of its own, updating the template and linking in a few other bits and pieces that I think people might be interested in.