Eastcoasters go West

We travelled to Perth over the weekend to visit Steve, Tiff (Tim’s sister) and their adorable daughter Jade. We have never seen their place, and it was only the second time we’ve met Jade.


Steve, Tiff and Jade sharing an icecream at King’s Park


Near a playground in King’s Park


Jade loved the twisting slide, and went down it about 20 times, no kiddingWe really enjoyed our weekend with them and at Perth airport on our return journey Ella told us, “I miss Jade already!”. The kids loved being with their 19month old cousin, and took a great interest in her toys, her mannerisms and her speech. They even started to imitate her ‘baby’ words – but that stopped soon enough after a stern look from me.


Sharing the best chair for TV watching


Perth Zoo, sitting on an elephant statueTim and I had several kid-free hours while Auntie Tiff watched the kids, and we went to visit a local botanical gardens called Aurelen which had tulip displays at this time of year.


Tim posing with strict instructions not to do his fake photo smile


One of the rare family photos of us, thanks Tiff!