Easter - Flying Fox

Over Easter we spent 7 days down at Somers on the Mornington peninsula with the Beros Family, something of a family tradition that we really missed last year when we were in London. Sharing a holiday house together was a lot of fun.One of the highlights of this particular place was that it had a back gate opening onto a park and in the park was a huge flying fox. It was a real hit with the kids who spent a large amount of time out there.

From Somers

Jasper starting down the Flying Fox with Sam watching on.

From Somers

And down…

From Somers

Sam pulling the Flying Fox back to the start.

From Somers

It went quite fast and when it hit the bottom the kids would fly almost horizontal and there was a huge thump. All of the adults had a turn or two, but that was usually enough – the bang was quite substantial. More than one of the kids ended up with bruises on their face where their head banged into the chain on impact, but it never stopped them going back again and again.It was sensational, I think playgrounds need more toys where you seriously feel you’re taking a risk!