Election result 2007

What a huge sense of relief that the voting public has finally woken up to John Howard and tossed that weasel-worded-wally out of power.  What’s been really interesting is how much coverage that it has received here in the UK.  The Sunday Times dedicated around 4 pages to analysis, while today the Times had the following political cartoon which I quite enjoyed.


What’s been interesting about the coverage is that, generally speaking, there is an air of “we don’t quite get it”, with UK commentators lauding the Australian economy and Howard’s management of it, and they are not quite sure why we voted him out, although they seem to be catching up as the analysis deepens. Here, as in the US the economy is king – screw the rights of man, just run a good balance of payment.Anyway, I’m not here to preach, the election is done and dusted for better or worse and Howard is gone. I did like the cartoon though which is why I’ve included it here.