Ella and Jasper

The kids really do seem to be enjoying themselves here in London.  Of course they have their moments with each other, but generally they are playing well and enjoying each others company.Yesterday I trimmed the front hedge and Jasper took a piece and “hid” in the back garden.  When he asked why I found him so easily, I said it was because of his bright orange T-Shirt.  He dis-appeared upstairs and came back in green.  Ella and I didn’t have the heart to tell him it really made little difference.


Another classic quote, a couple of days ago, Karina punished Jasper for making a big mess in the bath, he complained and complained about the punishment (not being able to have a bath for a week and having a shower instead) and said “why won’t you give me a punishment I like…”. Ella chimed in from across the room “because Jasper, that would be called a reward.”