Ella's imaginary Christmas

Ella was set a task at school called “Just Imagine”. The description was:Just imagine you and your family are stranded on a desert island for Christmas. Write a description of how you would celebrate Christmas.Ella is very proud of her story, although she’s much more focussed on the “why” we were on the island than what we did when we got there. I like it because of the description although spelling is generally optional when she writes! She’s actually a reasonable speller if you ask her individual words, but when she’s writing it’s the flow of the story that’s important and she’ll race through rather than stopping to spell the word.

It was a hot scorting day in the Airport I just wanted to get on the plane because I was teribly excited to go to Hawi, suddenly the loud speker broke the silenc the loud speker said: PLANE TO HAWI ABORD NOW!! YES THAT’S US I souted, we walked thour the bording systym and borded the plane PLANE WILL TAKE OFF IN 2 MINUTES! Scremed the driver, then we had the saffty demo, Aaaa I sighed. Suddenly I jummped the loud spekersaid PLANE TAKE OFF NOW! TITEN SETE BELTS AND LIFT OFF! The plane jerked and then lifted off.We were flying for about 7 hours, I heard a sound that sounded like a lion all of a sudden the plane started to fall down! We had to evacuat, me and my family got there paricuts and jumped off!

At this point she’d filled both sides of the page and the time ran out to finish it!