Family party

Since the last post, we’ve kept pretty busy.  I’ve been travelling to Seattle for a week (no photos this time), Karina’s parents (Hans and Lee) came to visist while I was away for a day and my Mum and Dad (Julie and Barry) have been staying with us for the last couple of weeks.Last weekend we had a big family BBQ to catch up with a range of people while Mum and Dad were here, including my cousin Rochelle who has just had a new baby Arabella.  From Mum’s side of the family we had my Uncle Rod & Auntie Gill, Nanny Nic (my Nan) and Rochelle & Steve with Arabella.  From Dad’s side of the family we caught up with Dad’s cousin Peter and his wife Flavia (on the “original” baby web-site there are photos of Queensland – we stayed with Peter and Flavia when we went there), their daughter Peta (who everyone knows as little-Peta) and her husband Chris, Dad’s Auntie Val (Peter Bulls Mum) and my Uncle Lindsay.  I think I’ve remembered everybody!We had a really enjoyable afternoon with a BBQ lunch and as they say, a good time was had by all.


From left to right, Rochelle, Peta, Ella (helping Grandma with the Pavlova), Grandma, Grandpa and Karina


Ella holding baby Arabella


Jasper holding baby Arabella


Nanny Nic, Auntie Val and Aunti Gill in the background