Fighting back: ROSL89

ROSL89 — Reflections on startup life, week 89

Last week was very productive, not so much on the coding front, but on a number of business development opportunities, some angel pitching and finding some short-term contract work to help with the cash flow.

Alex was delayed getting back from Beijing — he missed a flight connection and ended up in Hong Kong for an extra 24 hours, then was quite sick on returning which wiped him out for a couple of days. When I finally got to speak with him again, it was great to talk.

Despite the setbacks, it feels like there is a renewed energy. I think in both of us, the setback has just managed to fire us up even more and we’re now laser focused again on what it is we REALLY care about — building an awesome product.

I said a couple of weeks ago that “the biggest cost is the opportunity one”. What hurts still is how true this is — we’ve now got our eye firmly on the product again and we’re fighting back hard to push it forward now.

Sometimes it’s not until you’re pushed that you know how hard you can push back. We have to keep this fire burning and push on.

PS — I just got off a Skype session with Alex and it’s snowing in Dunedin, so the buses are cancelled and it’s to slippery to drive. He’s just walked 50 minutes in the snow to get into his office so he can have uninterrupted, decent internet (a problem from his house) and do a productive day. That’s fighting back.