First day at Fircroft

School is going well, the kids both enjoyed their first two days there.  It’s interesting to see the differences, yet depsite all of these, the kids are just the same.  The English system thus far appears much more “academic” and places a lot more rigour on the basic 3R’s than in Australia.  In Jaspers class, they will start weekly spelling tests later this term, while in Ella’s they have already started.For all that, the kids have slotted right in, and are exactly where they should be, Ella a bit ahead, and Jasper on par with the rest of the class.  Given this brief experience to date, I do prefer the Australian system as there really seems no academic advantage despite the approaches, and it’s a much more relaxed experience for the kids.  Still, I’m sure they will do fine.


Jasper on his first day at Fircroft.


Play ground at Fircroft


Ella on her first day at Fircroft.The other pleasing thing is that everyone has been incredibly friendly which is a really positive experience.