Footy tipping Ella and Jasper style

This year Ella and Jasper have joined the family footy tipping competition and are providing their own tips.  I sat down with them this morning and was amused at the criteria for a tip which is quite different between the two of them.Ella has a complex hierarchy of clubs based on important facts like:

  1. Are they my club? She has to tip Geelong because that’s who she barracks for.
  2. Are they a Melbourne club? She wants to tip Melbourne clubs over the interstate clubs.
  3. Do my friends barrack for them? If they are both Melbourne clubs, then who do I know that likes them, that helps decide it.
  4. Finally, she favours clubs that are “closer” to Melbourne, so the Demons got the tip over the Hawks.

The footy tipping site we are using also shows the percentages of tips of other users, so based on this, she did go back and change from the Demons as 90% of users were tipping the Hawks!Jaspers method is much simpler.

  1. Start by finding the Cats and tipping them.  Decide that’s it and then go (I had to call him back and explain he needs to tip all the matches, not just Geelongs).
  2. Tip the team with the coolest nickname, so it’s Tigers over the Blues, Hawks (sharp beaks that hunt other animals) over the Demons (which I don’t think he understands what that is) and so forth.
  3. If two teams (Eagles and Lions) have a cool name, tip a draw.

It should be an interesting year in the footy tipping!