Guy Fawkes

“Remember, remember the 5th of November, gun powder, treason and plot”Guy Fawkes is the quintesentially English celebration – the burning at the stake on a bonfire of an effigy of someone who died by hanging in 1606 after trying to blow up parliament and King James I to remove Protestant rule.It’s typically celebrated now on the Friday before the 5th, and along with the bonfires, is really a high tech fireworks display now.The private school at the end of our street held a celebration and while we couldn’t get tickets (only private schools allowed thank you), we could stand outside the oval and watch anyway for free.


We met with several of our new friends from Fircroft school and enjoyed the display which was very impressive, worthy of an Australia day or New Years in Australia.  Later that evening we looked out from Ella’s room (top floor) and we could see at least 4 other displays in nearby commons.  It was eerie going to sleep with the sound of fireworks continuing until later at night with people letting of their own, as well as the main celebrations.We also discovered Jasper doesn’t like fireworks and he spent the whole display begging to go home as he was scared and kept saying “I think they are going to kill me”.