The kids enjoyed Halloween, to quote Jasper “This is the best night of my life”.They have been excited about it all week, and were thrilled when it finally came around and people started knocking on our door.  They had the lollies ready to go and carved a pumpkin to go out the front.  Unfortunately I missed the fun as I was in Dublin, but Karina told me all about it.We were reluctant to let the kids go trick or treating initially as it’s not an English custom (originally Celtic, so Irish and Scottish, now Americanised), but we’ve been told by friends that if you decorate with Pumpkins etc. you are “open for business” and if nothing, you don’t knock. This seems to work well as a system.Eventually after a few visitors had come by, Karina let the kids go up the street, while watching them from the front door. There were only two houses with decoration, but only one of them had someone home. After they came back the kids nagged and nagged to go visit the first house again in case the owners had returned, so Karina eventually let them. Apparently the missing owner still wasn’t home, so the kids decided to back to the other house a second time.The owner said to Ella “Haven’t I seen you here before? I must have really good sweets then!” and let them have a second hand full.They had a great time.