Home in Australia

Sorry that we’ve been a bit slack this last week, but we still have a few things to sort out before we are fully home. We arrived back on Thursday morning intact and in one piece, happy that we were upgraded to Premium Economy which is actually quite nice. You basically get the service and the food that you otherwise recieve in Business, but without the seat, although there is added leg room and width (for example there are only 2 premium economy seats where there would normally be 3 economy ones).Walking into our house was a little bit surreal after the time away and it wasn’t until a few boxes from the storage room (Jaspers Bedroom) were unpacked that we began to feel a lot more normal.Amanda brough Molly home around 9AM and it was great to see her. Interestingly from Molly’s point of view it was like we’d just been shopping or something, she knew us and didn’t quite get what all the fuss was about. It’s been wonderful to have our dog back and Amanda, Greg, Sasha and Aiden have done a wonderful job of looking after her, she’s really settled down a lot now and is very well trained and a delight to be with.Another item of pride and joy was getting our Moke back and while there was a small hiccup with the suspension work that was done, it’s all good now and back on the road.The bathroom renovation is fantastic, we love it and have instigated a new rule which has gone surprisingly well — the new bathroom is only for us! The kids have to use “their” bathroom. Ella and Jasper agreed on the condition that we can’t use their bathroom, which seems fair enough.I’ve returned to work here and it’s really enjoyable being back although I am sick of the question “how was London”. I’ve enjoyed catching up with my mates here and all the gossip over the 10+ months. I’m still not 100% sure about my role as we are still mid-negotiation with global PwC on what work I will continue to do for them, but for now I have plenty to keep me occupied.We are somewhat hampered at the moment as we don’t yet have our broadband enabled and this will take a couple of weeks, so our posts and updates are probably going to infrequent for the time being, although I do have a mobile broadband card that I can use for some things.