Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

On my night out at Universal Studios with Ella, we had a great time.  By far the highlight for her was the Incredible Hulk roller coaster.  This is a seriously hard core ride in many respects — it goes upside down 7 times and is pretty quick.This video from YouTube gives you a very good idea of the ride.Ella went on this a total of four times — three in a row. After the third time I’d had enough so she talked one of my friends from work to take her again. She came off the roller coaster unable to walk straight, bouncing of the walls and wanting to go again. No one would take her!Fortunately the park closed and I took her back to the hotel where she slept in for almost two hours the next day.I don’t think she quite appreciates how lucky she was to get to go — the average seven year old is too short. Ella only made the height limit by about a centimetre or two. Also there is typically an hour plus wait for the ride, because the whole park was booked out by my conference, we never waited for more than 5 minutes after the first rush when the park first opened. As someone said to us later, going to Universal Stuidios and doing the Incredible Hulk 4 times is a whole days effort normally.