IT pros weigh Gartner Magic Quadrant lawsuit

Filed by ZL Technologies Inc. — a small email and file archiving vendor — the suit claims that Gartner Inc.’s well-known Magic Quadrant vendor rankings favor big companies with large marketing budgets. And some end users who use the Quadrants for research on IT buying decisions agree with that contention.


I think there is no doubt that large corporations put a lot of weight on Gartner, Burton, Forrestor et. al. opinions but I don’t think ZL Technologies have much of a case. I sympathise with their position though, especially given I’ll be in the same boat shortly!

For the record, I don’t think large corporations pay a great deal of attention to small vendors regardless of wether they are on the Gartner MQ or not. Small vendors need a niche offering that solves a specific problem, otherwise they won’t get a look in even when they are on the analysts radar so to speak.