It's snowing!

It's snowing!

Which is not neccessarily good news.  The kids have just started their holidays and tomorrow we are off to Scotland to spend a week travelling in a Camper Van.  If it’s cold and snowing in London, then it will be very heavy further north!Still, it was a very pleasant surprise to wake up this morning and look outside to see snow falling.  Unlike a couple of weeks ago, this time the ground has been dry enough for the snow to sit.  At one stage it was quite heavy and although it’s eased up a bit, it’s still been snowing for about 4 hours now.The kids are very excited and have spent a lot of time outside playing in the back yard, then after breakfast we all rugged up and went to play on the common.Here are some photos of the fun.


Ella with the first snow ball of the day — still in her pyjamas.


Throwing snow balls at the glass doors with mum and dad on the other side.


Jaspers first BIG snow ball of the day. There were many more to come!


Ella and her snow man.


The tulips are not sure what to make of it, but they seem to keep going.


On the common.


Looking at the trees without leaves and snow covering the branches.


A muddy snow man. Small dogs cowered in fear and ran from this large monster. Literally — a small Jack Russell had no idea what to make of it.


Looking out over the white common.Well, that was out adventures in the snow this Sunday morning. The weather is amazing at the moment, almost 17C and T-Shirts yesterday, snowing today!