Jaspers Tooth

It turns out that the abscess wasn’t healing by itself with the anti-biotics, so Jasper had to go back to the dentist on Friday afternoon. An X-Ray, three injections and then he had his tooth extracted. He was very brave although he did say afterwards that it “nearly” made him cry. Karina, who went with him and didn’t have anything done to her, was no where near as brave and did cry.For the first day his lip and gum were swollen, but that has all settled down now and the abscess is healing up nicely. He’s happy as the tooth fairy gave him a pound and he has a wall chart to put stickers on everytime he brushes his teeth. He says he wants an electric tooth brush if he completes the chart, Karina said he could have one straight away because he was so brave, but he said no, he has to complete the chart first. It’s nice when kids self-motivate!