JJ's Birthday

JJ's Birthday

My baby turned 7 years old on Sunday, and we celebrated with a pool party on Saturday at the local swimming centre.Jasper definitely understands the difference between your ‘real’ birthday and the day of a birthday party, and was very excited both mornings.


We spent Sat morning baking and preparing party food, then met some of his school friends at the pool, where an instructor played games with them for one hour in the water. It was very relaxing for Tim and I as we sat on the sidelines and watched them have fun. They cordoned off most of the middle-sized pool for the party and the kids played races, dived for toys and chased eachother in the pool.


Jasper’s friend then came home with us and had a sleepover, and we all watched The Karate Kid together. Tim and I have been inflicting 80’s movies and TV series’ on the kids, including ‘Get Smart’ and others.On Jasper’s real birthday he was fortunate to receive many, many presents and eat pancakes for breakfast.


He had a lovely birthday weekend, and is getting very keen on starting Grade Two at school soon.