Kids doing kid things

We had Inta, Mick and Clinton Blackford over for dinner on Saturday evening (hi guys!) and had a great time catching up. Clinton and Jasper both went to kindergarten together before going their separate ways, but they enjoy catching up. They were in the lounge with the sliding door shut and all was quiet so we decided to check in.

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They’d built themselves this cushion mountain and were trying to climb up it.

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Karina stepped in to help them sit on top -first Jasper…

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Then Clinton.We really enjoyed seeing them all again, Ella even played them “Smoke on the Water” on her guitar for Mick (who successfully guessed what she was going to play first time before she even started). It was also the day of the Ivanhoe Fiesta and Ella and Karina had spent some time at a stall learning to knit, well Ella really loved it and Inta spent a bit of time helping her get started at home. Ella knitted in bed, then in the morning, then when I took her to the Footy on Sunday, spent most of the train journey there and back as well as a lot of the match knitting too! I don’t think she’s done any more but she’s now about 10 rows into her scarf (not a fast knitter yet). Thanks Inta for helping her – she’s really enjoying it.This segues nicely into another crafty thing Ella did with Karina. As you know the kids love to cook and many years ago, Lindsay (my Uncle) gave them a hand made apron each. Ella tried it on the other day and it barely came below her belly button; it really was getting a bit small, so she asked Karina to make her a new one. They picked the fabric out together and Ella designed it.

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I think she looks ready to Salsa!Finally today was a fund raiser at the school, so they had “Crazy Hair Day”. Here’s Ella and Jasper this morning.

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Ella had to get up extra early to get all those ribbons in.