Kids' Top 5 Things

We recently posted our Top ten lists (what we’ll miss from UK, what we’re looking forward to). At dinner last night we asked Ella and Jasper what their Top Five were:


Top 5 Miss from UK1. Fircroft School2. Our London house3. My friends at Fircroft4. Working (he means school work)5. Pizza Express (our local pizza restaurant)Top Five Looking Forward To1. School in Australia2. Molly3. Guinea Pigs4. Australia5. Leonard (our Melb. neighbour and his lollies)


Top Five Miss from UK1. Graziela (school friend)2. Pizza ExpressTop Five Looking Forward To1. Molly2. Ella Marsich3. Guinea Pigs4. Trampoline5. Leonard6. Going to Malaysia on the way homeNotice how Ella will only miss 2 things, but is looking forward to 6? She generally hasn’t had a great time here and is the most desperate of all of us to return.Tim and I keep thinking about the things we’ll miss here, and are appreciating them while we can.