Kitchen starts

Well, things are really starting to come to a close now, with the joinery going in. By the end of this week we will have a functional kitchen. Of course there will still be lots of bits and pieces — more cladding, som architraves, doors, skirtings, a bit of tiling etc. to go, but every significant element of our new house will all be in place.

We’ve been madly oiling cladding, decks, beams and doors and windows as they are ready — pleased to say we are not falling to far behind, and we’ve even managed to get undercoat on the vast majority of internal walls as well.


Can it get more exciting? Storm water goes in!


Looking at the stove / gas cooktop cabinet (they will be square in the centre).


The “nook” — muted grey on back is actually a pin board. Phone will sit on shel and their will be power for charging mobile phones etc. It slides straight back in under the bulk head from where it is positioned.


There is copious storage — the house is full of cabinets, cupboards and drawers all waiting to be fitted at the moment.


Cladding around the window finished. I oiled the half that was up over the weekend, the rest went up today. Bit of a milestone as it’s the last of the blue home wrap visible from the street now under cover — last of it runs between the existing roof and new roof.