Lazy Weekend

It’s been a very quiet weekend.

Yesterday we finally took delivery of some new furniture, which meant hanging around doing nothing for several hours waiting for them to show up! But finally, we’ve got a couch, an arm chair and some side tables in our Lounge Room.


You can see Jasper sitting down relaxing on the couch in the picture above.

Last night we had Mat (a fellow Australian here in the Valley) over to join us for dinner which was fun.  It’s always fun catching up with people and meet people in a social setting.

Today (Sunday) we decided to head to “International House of Pancakes” iHOP for breakfast instead of cooking at home.  It was fun for a change, although they are nowhere near as good as Karina’s!

We’ve also discovered the local farmers market which is in the Car Park of the Belmont Caltrain station every Sunday morning.  It’s small, but the produce is very high quality, everything looked great and the prices were excellent.  So we spent a bit of money there and discovered “Kettle Corn” (popcorn cooked in Salt and Sugar) which Karina and I now can’t stop munching on!


Very domestic stuff, I think we are starting to settle into our new home.