Message from Tim from hospital

Hi all,Most of you know by now I’ve been laid up in hospital since last Thursday – thanks for all your thoughts and kind wishes. I’ve been keeping up with them through my BlackBerry, including the blog entries and comments which all arrive in my mail. I am improving all the time, to the point I’m now writing this longish mail all with my left thumb (right hand still having the IV in it and too awkward to use). Finally today there is some real news as I’ve had confirmation on exactly what’s happened, when I go home and my recovery.There have been a few confusing results along the way but after a battery of tests it’s now all clear what has happened.I’ve got Gallstones which in itself is unusual for a male of my tender years, but while I was here having this diagnosed it developed into Pancreatitis(sp?) caused by one of the stones getting lodged in the Pancreatic duct.Pancreatitis is particularly nasty, causing death in 1 in 4 major cases. Fortunately my bout was considered mild, but they don’t muck around in this hospital and take any risks which is really why I’ve been here so long.I now just have to complete my course of anti-biotics, pass some blood tests and I should be allowed home Thursday (tomorrow).They want me to recover for around a week at home after which I’m free to go back to work.Next immediate steps are a total alcohol ban, and a light diet until I go back for a check up in a couple of weeks. Then it’s out with the Gall Bladder (keyhole surgery, a day in hospital and a few recovering) and I will be all OK again. Because of the Pancreatitis they won’t do it now as this needs to be fully cleared up.Not sure how long the alcohol thing goes on, but if I feel better I frankly don’t care!Cheers,Tim