Monty the python

We have new addition to the household. Monty the Murray Darling Carpet Python (or Morelia spilota metcalfie). The kids have wanted one for quite a while now, with Ella insistent on a “snake birthday party” even back in September. We agreed with them if they could save the money, we’d get the snake after we’d researched it some more. They saved a lot of money, but were still a little short when I decided to chip in and help out as I was also getting very interested as of course it was me doing all the research!He’s only around 15CM long and about 12 weeks old at the moment. He will grow to around 2 Metres. As you can see he has a very large cage and is very tiny at the moment (the plastic tub is temporary for the next 8 – 12 months, the big white box is the full enclosure 6′ x 2′ x 2′). There has been a lot of new things to learn and research, but it’s been very interesting and I’m happy to report that he (she??) seems to be settling quite well and took his first feed (baby mouse if you need to know) without any hiccups at all tonight.Now that he has had a chance to settle in and feed, we will be able to start handling him in the next few days a little at a time. I’ll put some better pictures up once we can actually handle him more. For now, here he is with his first feed. That’s my fingers there so it gives you some sense of scale (ha ha bad pun).