Move preparations

We are fortunate in having organised Amanda and Greg (friends from school) to house sit for us and look after Molly.  While there is still a lot of organisation, we don’t have to completely empty the house.  I think it’s an arrangment that suits both of us as well which is good.A minor complication is that we started our renovations to the ensuite a couple of weeks ago, but I think we will be able to squeeze that in before we go.In terms of when we move, it’s really up to the process!  PwC apply for a working permit in the UK which takes up to two weeks, then they courier it out here and we submit this with our documents and passports to the British Embassy in Canberra to authorise it.  The authorisation process can take up to 6 weeks.  We are doing everything we can to smooth this by getting all the documentation we need prepared and ready to go so we can submit it as soon as the permit arrives.