Moved in

Well today was the big day, we moved into our new house.  Turns out that the correct detail is kind of a combination of below — it’s both the house in the photo, and the one in the first link.  It’s split over three levels, with a lounge, galley kitchen and breakfast room on the ground floor, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor and a final bedroom on the third in the attic.The house is very sparsley furnished — basic beds, couch, TV as well as the typical kitchen stuff you need for day to day, but it all reasonable and in good condition.  We need to get some junk to clutter it up a bit though!We are all looking forward to enjoying staying in the same place for more a while now and getting out of the suitcases.In other news, kids start school tomorrow.  Despite our intial reservations, when Karina did the tour it seems like a nice little school.  The teachers, principal (head teacher) and parent community all seem strong which is realy reassuring.  One difference is that the teachers are called “Miss” — Jasper has Miss Bell and Ella has Miss someone else.Anyway, better go — got a phone call to go then off home to see the house now that Karina has had the day to settle in.