New beginnings — I’ve resigned

When is the start of something new? Is it the first idea, the first real attempt (and failure) to execute on the idea, or is it finding that partner you think you can execute with? Maybe it’s the day you wake up and realise you’ve been mentally chasing the dream for so long that resigning is no longer as scary as it once seemed.

I don’t really know the answer, but what I do know is that I’ve finally taken the leap (or at least have committed to jumping even if I’m not quite flying off the cliff yet).

On Monday this week I resigned from my job of almost 15 years, sacrificing a good income, reasonable job security, great relationships and actually a fairly interesting job to step out on my own and start my own business. When I write it like that it does sound insane.

There are lots of great reasons why I want to do this, not least because I believe that our idea and ability to execute is strong (more on what we’ll be doing later) but ultimately the most honest reason I can give myself is this:

“I’m sick of thinking I could be a successful entrepreneur.” I’ve always believed I could do it, there is no better time than now to go and do so.

So this blog is about to undergo yet another change in direction. This is where I’m going to capture and collect my personal thoughts on this next self-directed stage of my career.

I’ve already set my first new life goal — “Never again complete a corporate performance appraisal”.

I’m still employed until the end of November for a range of good reasons — not least because my business partner (Alex Dong) and I aren’t ready to commit full time until then anyway, so the next month will be a slow journey but I hope that it’s one you’ll join me in as I share the process and pain of morphing from a corporate IT leader (Enterprise Architect for the Global Applications portfolio) into a genuine, bona fide (and broke — at least for now) entrepreneur.
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