Painting, parties and pets

Well, it is amazing just how busy being back has become! We’ve been commenting how hard it is to find the time to sit and even blog on the computer like we used to.  While not much is “happening”, there is equally a lot of things going on.We’ve had a lot of energy to polish off a few little renovation items still outstanding (don’t worry there are many more to go), and consequently have shopped for new carpet which comes on Monday, a bed due some time soon and a new desk for our study.As Karina didn’t return to work until this week just gone, she got stuck into repainring and then painting the study / guest room. It was very involved and took longer than we thought, but she did a great job.


Here she is painting the fireplace. It was an off-pale-green before; we thought of stripping it back to the clinker-brick underneath which would look good, but it felt like too much effort for now.We decided to paint one wall red, just to get some colour into the room and it’s come up really well. Admittedly it’s taken a little while to get used to, but now there are books and pictures back on the wall to break it up, it looks great.


On the party front, there have been a few. Karina and I dressed up to attend the Alphington centennial ball, the first time we’ve dressed up to go out in ages!


Jaspers class has had a couple of parties, this one is for his teacher Jacqui who is getting married this weekend.


There have also been a few friends around and the kids have enjoyed the train-set and Jasper has been playing with the bongos as well.Finally the pets!


Of course there is Molly who is just delightful, although looking slightly evil in this photo with the red eyes.


Finally, there is the Guinea Pigs, this is Pickles after he has had a bath. The kids are much happier to play with them now they have been freshened up a bit.