Plane trip from hell, well maybe not THAT bad

We asked for an upgrade weeks ago, but didn’t get it. Tim is a Platinum frequent flyer and has hundreds of thousands of points, but getting 4 Business Class seats together was always a wish rather then a likely reality. Fortunately we were all seated close to eachother (a row of three, then one seat behind). The kids wanted Tim to sit with them (yay for me!) and I tried not to look too smug being the parent who could sit alone and watch movies in peace while he juggled 3 dinner trays and toilet trips, etc. Boy, was I wrong….I had a couple next to me who were destined for divorce. The bickered and fought for the whole 13 hours, calling eachother names “f@#$%$#@ c&^%” and getting very loud. As he drank more and more scotch and cokes he became very aggressive and was hitting the seat infront of him (Jasper’s seat) and shoving his wife around. I grew quite scared and considered telling the flight attendant, but was worried he’d pick on me. His wife had to give him some medication (anti-psychotics?) and them he drank more scotch. Finally he passed out, thankfully.Tim also had both kids vomit, probably due to a panini they had shared at the airport. Yep, it was a nightmare. I was with Jasper in the tiny toilet trying to clean him up, trying to sound cheerful and positive as he was shaking and pale. It was one of those defining moments when I looked up in the mirror and thought “being a parent is SO much fun”.Worst of all this was only 4 hours in to a 13 hour flight, so we still had a long way to go.The rest of the journey worked out comparably well, we arrived in Singapore and breezed through immigration and customs, arriving to the open arms of Grandpa.