Re-thinking blogging and a new domain

It must be the spring feeling in the air, but lately I’ve had an itch that 140 characters in Twitter just can’t scratch. Chris Saads recent experiment here has also made me think.

My blog (previously at has been sadly neglected. Often I have more to say than I can fit in 140 characters, but it’s far more than that. My blog just isn’t “there” when I am, on the train reading tweets, or easily at my finger tips in the office. It’s more than just the time to think things out, it’s the lack of immediate accessibility that TweetDeck gives me at my desktop, UberTwitter gives me on my Blackberry and of course email, which goes with me everywhere I do.

Sure, I could scratch notes down and return later but I’m not always that organised. I want to post NOW. And yes, WordPress does support an e-mail in option, but you have to configure it, and of course there is the challenge of integrating a social presence that increasingly spans numerous sites (Facebook), multiple TwitPic accounts (OK, that was a mistake, but still…) and other sites like Plaxo, LinkedIn, Naymz, Plurk etc. Integrating across these typically requires numerous hacks and tweeks, some of which are hard to undo after the fact. Then of course, there is the constant WordPress updates.

Enough is enough. I’m simplifying my life. Posterous lets me bring my online presence largely to one place. OK, so I need a social media diet and have to drop a couple of services, but largely these are replaced with simpler, more popular alternatives on Posterous, or in many cases accessed even more easily.

Now my videos, photos, tweets, blogs and links that form my lifestream can come together in one place. I already have all the client I need to manage this with e-mail on BlackBerry, they’ll all be with me wherever I go.

I will still use Twitter, but I intend to update more tweets by e-mailing Posterous if I want to keep a more permanent record of them.

For those that have stuck with me on BinaryPlex, welcome to the new Tim Bull. Sorry it’s gone quiet lately, I hope to change that. It will be a different blog, but one that is more live, more instantaneous and more now. The Feedburner feed should still work (updated it to point here), but you might like to visit and update anyway.

Here’s to a new experiment and hopefully a simpler, yet more complete online presence. As Chris Saad said here Blogs are back.

PS — Why the name change? It’s just an increasing comfort with “being me”. I may yet re-use BinaryPlex for a project or two.