Ready to go and on our way home

Well, a little over 10 months ago, we set off from Melbourne “London Bound”. Now we’ve left London and are now bound for Melbourne (at least it’s not Botany Bay!)Here’s Jasper back in August looking after our luggage before we left.


Here’s Jasper and Ella with our luggage as we wait for the taxi in London, ready to head off.


I’m writing this from Singapore, now almost a week after we left. The flight from London was not great, Jasper had an upset stomach, then woke up vomiting about three hours into the flight, while Ella was motion sick and vomited about an hour after that. We were seated next to psychotic Australians who drank scotch and coke the whole way then had a major domestic argument every 30 minutes or so, at one stage threatening violence. Still, we survived and were relieved to arrive in Singapore in one piece. This last week has been a wonderful break and a nice seperation from London and our life back in Melbourne. We’ve just returned from a few days at a beach resort in Malaysia which I’ll post about shortly.