Refactor your life step 3 — blogs

This one is short and sweet.Update your blog software AND template. Do it. Do it now. And if you use a hosted platform like Blogger, laugh out loud at those of us who don’t but need to keep this step in mind.I’ve been using my favourite template since I downloaded it probably more than two years ago (which is not the same time I started blogging with it, that came later). I’ve always updated with each Wordpress release, but I’ve never upgraded the template until last week. What I had never really paid much attention too, was that some of the new features required new templates to take advantage of them.All that hacking PHP to add in support for various things you want to link in to your blog? Not any more with the text widget.It’s also a great opportunity to revisit your template and ask if it’s really representing you properly now?So step 3 is simple, update your blog platform AND your templates on a regular basis. You’re digital life will be made that much easier (and secure) because of this simple step.

Step 1: Get a better browserStep 2: Explore your mail hosts options and consolidate your mail into fewer accountsStep 3: Update your blog software and template