Refactor your life step 5 — Evolve

I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection — Charles Darwin

Survival of the fittest — evolve, weed out and select your on-line services with vigour and rigour. Try them but if they don’t work, ditch them. If you want to preserve the weak, then invest the time to upgrade them to today (I say this after having spent the better part of 4 hours taking old manually crafted HTML from an early web-site and merging it into my personal blog on Saturday).It doesn’t need to be hard, search for what you are trying to do and typically someone has done it (import Blogger into WordPress; it’s simple there is a built in Import function in Wordpress itself for this!).The message here is in two simple parts:

  1. Always try new things.
  2. Don’t be afraid to throw the new things (or the old ones) that don’t work out, or bring them up to spec if you want to keep them.

The web is a vast eco-system of natural selection, the best services will evolve and the others will, over-time, wilt, die or more likely be consolidated into bigger and bigger social service companies (e.g. Google, Microsoft, IBM etc.).Step 5 in re-factoring your digital life:

Step 1: Get a better browserStep 2: Explore your mail hosts options and consolidate your mail into fewer accountsStep 3: Update your blog software and templateStep 4: Be consistent and be you!Step 5: Evolve your digital life