Reflections on startup life: Week 59

Please excuse the typos, for once I can blame my iPhone and not my
rushed typing.

I’m quietly pleased to look back at last weeks goals of New Servers
implemented and Social Features done and realize that we’ve done that
and much more.

Honestly, it can feel like things just aren’t moving fast enough, we
are constantly under pressure, the site has problems, things take
longer than we expect — but we ARE getting there.

In all honesty, I’ve really had very little time to reflect — the one
thing that I keep coming back to is just how different problems are at

This is why you need to do your startup and not plan your startup.
It’s amazing what you can do on the fly when you have to.

With all that said, last week did see us achieve a number of things.
As well as the two goals, we finally resolved our mail issues,
implemented significant changes to the backend of the site to take
advantage of the new servers and launched a new open API.

It feels like a roadblock has lifted with the servers and API out of
the way, now we can move forward again.

Goals for this coming week — a little bit more hole filling, a new
connector or two, then a big, big focus on PR and getting out
there to the world. To date we’ve let people find us, we need to
change this and start telling them where we are.