ROSL104: Two years and a TV spot

ROSL104: Reflections on startup life, week 104.

We’ve just clocked two years. What a milestone!

In that time we’ve launched four products (including We’ve had paying customers. We’ve killed sites before we launched. We’ve met fantastic people, had amazing support, been insulted, ripped off, screwed around, loved, hated, encouraged, looked to as experts, disparaged as amateurs and pretty much everything in between.

At the end, there’s only one thing that matters. We’re here and we know the future is incredibly exciting for us.

I was on Twitter over the weekend and a friend mentioned they’d just seen mentioned on Channel 9 (National TV station here in Australia). This was a complete surprise! We were never contacted to comment or contribute. Usually we have to fight and scrap for a mention, but here’s a tech TV show plugging us because they think we are interesting. Here’s a link

Yup — that’s us

I love the way that all of our messaging has basically been picked up as the script for the presenter — it’s a real validation that they are able to easily identify the key selling points. Most importantly, it’s further support for us that the direction of bringing bookmarking out of the niche and to the more general consumer is hitting the mark.

So two years on, low on cash and still fighting the fight how do we feel? Easy!