Scotland Overview

We returned from a week long holiday in Scotland a couple of days ago; one of the best holidays we have ever had. We weren’t too sure about just the 4 of us cramped into a tiny campervan all week (Ella vomiting from car sickness, us yelling at eachother re maps and directions and Jasper sleeping through the whole adventure) but it ended up being DEAD BRILLIANT! (a Scottish expression).Tim wrote a detailed diary for most of the days, so this is just the summary. His detailed entries will follow (though I’ll be typing them up for him as he’s at work).The van was very easy to drive, fuel efficient and had a lovely heater that warmed the van in 5 mins. The retro orange decor grew on us, and funnily enough it was a near new van so someone actually CHOSE the fabric recently.


Mmmm nice interior!


 Pretty basic exterior, 3 metres high and 6 metres long.We had a flat screen TV, DVD player, GPS and all the other bits and pieces to make us feel very comfortable. The toilet was a lifesaver (we had vomiting, diaorhhea and 1am toileting).Scotland was very beautiful, and has a feeling of being ‘untouched’ by developers. The villages still exist as they did 50 years ago and the tourist attractions are fairly low-key and tasteful. There was a surprising amount of litter by the roadsides, but once you walked into the wild everything was pristine. Check out the clarity of the mountain stream:


A stream near a campsite we stayed at.It was lovely to see more snow on our holiday, as well as enjoy some pretty mild weather. Never warm, but certainly bright and sunny. We stayed in caravan parks at Stirling, then near Fort William, then near Skye in Morvich, then near Dunvegan, then in the snow at Aviemore and finally near Edinburgh. We mostly just drove around admiring the scenery, but also did some toursity things; castles, whisky distillery, mountain railway, wildlife park, Britannia yacht.


A fairly typical view of the scenery.