Settling in

Life certainly feels less exciting than when we were gallivanting around the world, but we are very happy to be home. The last couple of weeks has really been about re-organising our lives, there are lots of small things which need to be done.We’ve had the builders back to re-hang the shower door and fix some handles that were coming loose, we’ve ordered new carpet for our bedroom and a “real” bed (we feel all grown up now) and there has been lots of kid related things with them getting back into school (new shoes, new uniforms, new haircuts and new stationary).Jasper has lost all his curls now, after his first week back he insisted on a hair cut saying “I’ve learnt something, in Australia all of the boys have short hair and all the girls have long hair!” and proceeded to have his cut very short.We are still waiting for the broadband to be activated at home, should happen in the next couple of days and once this happens we can start sharing some photos and you might even hear from Karina instead of me at work 🙂