Shopping, mini golf and Ripley's Museum

After several visits to various theme parks, we felt like our last day should be off the resort area.We started shopping the day after we arrived as it is much cheaper than the UK. We bought Jasper a Nintendo DS Lite for his birthday, the kids got a few games as well, and we went clothes shopping. The outlet malls are very cheap, so Tim visited Polo Ralph Lauren, I visited Banana Republic and the kids got OshKosh and Gap stuff. I wish we had more time to shop as there was so much Tim and I wanted to browse and buy, but the kids hated it.On our last day in Florida we bought more clothes for Ella, then headed to mini golf. It’s something we all enjoy doing, and we had found an amazing pirate-themed course.


The golf course with waterfalls and pirate paraphernaliaI, amazingly, won the golf game, but we all had loads of fun. After a typically American greasy lunch, we visited the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. Ella had bought the 2008 book of Ripley’s stuff for Xmas, and really enjoys reading it. It’s like the Guiness Book of World records, but filled with weird and strange things. The museum was great fun, very hands-on and entertaining. It was a great end to our holiday.